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Findspot helps you to find files and launch apps quickly. Just press a shortcut and input some keywords. Findspot will search through your Mac and find the best matches in no time.

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Why is Findspot different?

We create Findspot to help you be productive in everyday tasks. Findspot distinguishes itself from others by its instant responsiveness, accuracy, ease of use and many more. With Findspot, you can find any file or launch any app on your Mac in no time.

1 Fuzzy search

With fuzzy searching, you don't have to type the exact words to get your desired results. For example, the query “tr-pl” can match a file named “trip-planning”. So you can find a file with fewer keystrokes.

2 Full path search

Instead of merely matching the query against the filenames, Findspot takes the full path into account. In case multiple files have the same name, you can further filter the results by refining your query to include other parts of the path.

3 Search as you type

As you type, Findspot updates the search results in real time, providing you a highly responsive search experience. The immediate feedback also helps you to refine the query to find what you're looking for.

4 Incredible speed

Findspot stores its index and metadata in memory instead of slower hard drives. Combined with an efficient search algorithm that harnesses the power of multi-core processors, you'll feel the instant responsiveness in every key press.

5 Ease of use

Findspot has a simplistic user interface and is very easy to use. To find your files or launch an app, all you have to do is press a keyboard shortcut and type some keywords.

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Designed for developers

Developers love the power of command lines and we do too. That's why Findspot ships with a command line utility that works with Bash and Zsh to speed up your workflow. Whenever you need to type a long path, Findspot is here to help you.

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$ fs cd
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$ fs vim
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$ grep 2015 "$(fs)" | wc -l
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Requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later